Carolyn McDonald: September First Friday Artist Feature

Carolyn is a Portland native artist. Come to Sarah J. Handmade Friday, September 2nd between 6pm and 9pm to meet her and receive 20% off her work!

Me: What reasons or experiences led you to begin designing and creating your jewelry?

Carolyn: “I had to take a bunch of art credits to get into my Masters in Art Therapy Program, and one of the classes I took was a welding class. I loved it! Combined with my life-long love for all stones and rocks, I wanted to make mini sculptural pieces to wear. I call my pieces, handmade wearable art pieces.”

Me: Do you draw inspiration from anyone/anything in particular, or do your designs come out of your inner head-space?

Carolyn: “I love rocks and minerals of all kinds, whether polished or rough. I love seeing millions of years compressed into small sparkly or layered gems. Therefore, a lot of my jewelry is inspired by natural elements and design. My pendants tend to be simply wrapped so as not to lose the beauty of each stone.”

Me: What do you like making the most? And why?

Carolyn: “I love working and crafting new designs. I do a ‘process design’ where I get an idea in my head then continue designing it as I create it. When I get an idea in my head I have to work on it right away ;)”

Me: When not making jewelry, what do you enjoy doing?

Carolyn: “When not making jewelry I love hanging with all my boys: my husband, two sons (5) and (7), and two old doggies. I love going to the beach or hiking in Forest Park; being outdoors collecting rocks and other cool things.”

Me: What’s one crafty thing you wish you could learn/do, if you had all the time and money in the world?

Carolyn: “I would love to learn more about carving stone. I have carved a few Soap Stone sculptures over the years, and I collect Soap Stone carvings. I would love to learn to carve Jade or Marble or other harder stones.”

For more examples of Carolyn's work check out our Instagram feed @sarahjhandmade!

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