Angela Tomlinson: August's First Friday Artist Feature


This First Friday in Multnomah Village All of Angela Tomlinson's work will be 20% off.

Drop by Sarah J. Handmade 6pm - 9pm (8/5/16) to meet Angela!

Angela Tomlinson is an artist born and raised in Portland, Oregon. She focuses on stained glass decorative art, painting, and building furniture from reclaimed lumber. I recently had the opportunity to sit down with her at the outdoor studio she keeps in Multnomah Village. Safety glasses perched on the top of her head - Angela shows me her tool bench, sheets of colorful glass leaning against a stone garden wall, and an enormous jewel tone painting that resembles a mandala...

Me: How do you decide what to make, whether it be stained glass or a painting?

Angela: "I start(ed) painting and creating mandala-type patterns beginning at the center and working my way to the edge of the canvas - filling in the spaces and adding as much color as humanly possible. One of my biggest inspirations is the art nouveau style, especially how it combines nature with design, elegant free flowing lines and repetitive patterns."

Me: What got you interested in making stained glass pieces?

Angela: "I learned (to make) stained glass from my Dad, who's been doing it for 30+ years. I've been doing it for about 15 years. It takes a lot of patience as well as trial and error but I love the endless possibilities of combining different colors, textures, and shapes."

Me: What makes your stained glass pieces special?

Angela: " All of my stained glass designs are one of a kind and most always begin by choosing the glass first and creating the design from the shape I see in the glass. I recently became obsessed with including natural elements with glass -- like crystals and precious stones, river rock and reclaimed wood. The infinite ideas in my head and inspirations I get every day, everywhere, are what keep me motivated and interested in all things ART!"


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